Voip – Voice Over Internet Protocol


The full form of VOIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. It can be described as methodology and group of technology which allows communication. It allows you to make voice calls using your broadband connection instead of a regular phone call. But it differs. It may not allow you to speak with anyone who has a regular telephone or a telephone number. There is an adapter which allows you to make calls.

If a person has international or long distance mobile number then it may enable him/her to make traditional calls. VOIP allows you to make calls from your computer and it converts your voice in to digital signal before it reaches the destination.

Places like parks, airports and cafes VOIP helps a lot to get connected with the service wirelessly. If you use telephone then telephone adapter is needed and if it’s a personal computer cable modem to the internet the connection is done. A good broadband connection is needed to access smoothly. Because of its bandwidth efficiency and low cost VOIP is very common at work places because it allows cheap calls and connects very fast. VOIP is the only means through which cutting down actually on the infrastructure voice and data communications are run over a single network. The quality of VOIP call is very high and effective. VOIP helps a lot of people who wants to access calls over internet than using normal telephone connections.

VOIP helps in improving the internal and external communications too. VOIP is a cost effective way and it is meant for all healthy communications. VOIP is taking communications to great heights.

Important features of VOIP are as follows:

1) There is a detailed caller list

2) The ability to block the user

3) The ability to call waiting services

4) Ability to voice calls

5) Ability to enhance long distance calling

6) Ability to use online account management

7) There is advantage of keep your existing number without changing it

8) Ability to dial emergency calls

9) VOIP companies offer such facility that is why they stand out of other telephone companies.

10) Lastly the service provided by VOIP is reliable, fast, useful, one gets to know a lot of thing after using the service related to VOIP.

Advantages of using Voip

A number of benefits are obtained with the use of Voip which has become a necessary facility in the modern times. However, the most important benefits are as follows:

Cost saver

One of the fundamental benefits of Voip is that it reduces your bills considerably. When you can use a single broadband connection to connect to the internet as well make calls across the world for free, then you are sure to cut on your monthly expenditures. This is very vital for those institutions that need to connect with a number of people daily and yet want to save on the money.


With the use of Voip, instead of the traditional systems, you can easily connect to your audience, without having to consider where you are located or whom you want to contact. All that you need is your broadband connection



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