Uses of various types of server


There are different type of sever and they have different jobs. Before going to the use of server we must know about the server. Basically server is nothing but a computer which serves to other computers which are connected in a network. A server has a unique and particular program set which provides various services that means server works according to the client’s request. A sever and the clients together make the client/server architecture in a network, which gives routing system along with centralized accessibility to any information available. In this way a server works. The architecture of sever is improving day by day and we are getting various types of server with new features.

Types of server and use: There are various types of servers and they are as follows:

  • FTP Server: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is the oldest server. In this kind of server one or more files can be transferred securely between the devices which are connected in a network. It is best for an organization.
  • Proxy Server: Proxy server basically works as a mediator between client programs and external server. This server filters requests coming from the client and then sent it to the external server. Performance and share connections can be improved using this server.
  • Web Server: By loading a file from disk Web server gives the static content to the web browser and then it transfers around the network to the user’s web browser. In this system, browser and server can exchange their files using HTTP.
  • Application Server: Sometimes application server is also called as middleware. It normally occupies a huge computing code between the database server and end user. This server is basically used so as to connect database server and end user.
  • IRC Server: IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It basically consists of a different network server, which enables the users and help to connect with each other through the network.
  • Telnet Server: Telnet server makes active the users to log on to the host computer. They can perform the task if they are working on the remote computer.
  • AV Server: Main function of AV server is to provide multimedia options to the website. Using this user can broadcast multimedia content in streaming mode.
  • Fax Server: Fax server is designed basically for the organizations that may be small or big which need only minimum outgoing and incoming telephone resources and to fax the actual documents. This server is best for any organization.
  • Chat Server: When we go for real time interaction between multiple users then chat server is used. It basically enables the large number user to exchange information instantaneously. Because of this, sometimes it is known as Instant Messaging.
  • Mail Server: Mail server is used to transfer and store mails over the corporate network with the help of LAN and WANs.
  • News Server: News server is basically used to deliver and distribute news for public newsgroups which is accessible over the user group: USENET.
  • Virtual Server: The number of virtual servers has exceeded the number of physical servers in 2009. Even if a particular virtual server is programmed to serve a particular customer dedicatedly, still at the same time it can provide the security for separate computers.

Apart from the above servers, there are some other variations of servers such as open source server, Gopher server etc.

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