PC to Phone Solution

Get ready to make free calls over internet. When you are counting money for ahigh speed internet connection, you can easily save your money by cutting the cost of phone-calls you make. VoIP or voice over internet protocol is here to help you. It is very simple to set up though. VoIP services cost less than standard landline services. You can turn your PC into phone too. Read on to know how to make phone-calls from your PC.


Well, it is a popular name and certainly you have heard about it.People might think that skype is good for only video calling. But it is not the truth actually. You can use Skype as a VoIP service for receiving phone calls as well as for placing calls to others. If you are enjoying a Wi-Fi hot spot or high speed internet connection, then you have nothing to pay for these. You can make Skype-to-Skype group voice calls or video calls with excellent quality. It offers features like call waiting, call blocking or multiple ringing.

Phone power

Phone Power lets you to make phone calls from your PC or Laptop. For this, you have to use its softphone app. No need of extra charge at all. Phone power is a good option offering more features at a lower price than Vonage.

Jive Hosted VoIP

Jive hosted VoIP is an easy to use VoIP system and pretty good for small businesses. You just have to plug in the phones to internet and configure the system via web portal. You are done!


It is the best known name in the world of voice over internet protocol. Vonage is pricier than PhonePower. It has many additional attractive features but video quality is not good as Skype though.Set up process is really simple and won’t bother you too much.

The PC to phone

Have you heard about the PC to phone system? PC to phone is a great help for all VoIP users who want to turn their PC or laptop into a telephone. With this software you can place phone calls to any phone in the world from your computer. And surprisingly the rates are relatively low and are free for other VoIP users. To get started with this, you have to download the software to your PC. Sign up for a VoIP service, download the software to your PC or laptop, install it and configure. Connect a headset. You can go for a microphone or speakers too, but it depends on your choice. That’s all. You are done. Turn your PC into a full functional telephone within minutes. Now you can make calls to everywhere easily. This VoIP method is really useful for corporate culture or business units. You can have group conversations, transfer a call to other person, hold a call or even block the unwanted ones. It will not be heavy on your pocket and cost zero if you are working from an internet zone.


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