Datacenter Malaysia


The data center centralizes various equipment and IT operations of an organization and stores, spreads and manages its various data. The Data centers provide the most important systems of a network and essential to the maintenance of daily procedures. The organizations give top priority to the reliability and security issue of the data centers.

Generally, data center malaysia can be classified in enterprise or internet data centers. The Internet based data centers are normally based on browsers. They have several users and support relatively few applications. On the other hand, enterprise version of data centers provides services to fewer users and support more applications than the internet one.

The requirements and architectures of data centers can vary from one to another. For example, Amazon EC2 is built for providing a cloud facility. The facility, security requirements and infrastructure of it, is completely different from the one assembled for Pentagon. It is a completely private data center and dedicated to secure classified data. Data centers were developed gradually in recent years. Technologies like virtualization, optimized resource utilization help in the growth of data centers at a great extent. Data centers also increase flexibility of IT field. A focus has also been placed so that data centers can reduce the enormous energy consumption.

The data centers of Malaysia are going to take a leading position in the near future with high quality planning, infrastructure improvements, skilled manpower, training process and policy planning. By working on these factors, Malaysian data centers achieved 13 international data center organizational certifications in the past two years. And the country grabbed the LEED and Information Security Management or ISO 27001 certifications too. Derek Webster, a UK-based consultant specializing in data center strategy and development, said that strong foundations have been laid with geographic stability, stringent data protection norms, infrastructure capacity prospects, government support and physical location “.

The key point is the location of Malaysia. Certainly a very few locations have a chance to sit between the huge markets of around 1210 million people to the west in India, more than 600 million in Southeast Asia and 1347 million for the east in China. The country, Malaysia has enough capacity and skills to provide necessary infrastructure to move with the region’s growing demand for digital actions. Malaysia is loaded with advantages of having  energy, land, connectivity and business incentives. Government support is one the main advantages behind growing data center operation in Malaysia.

Other than these, it is relatively easy to access skilled manpower or find cheaper land and low construction cost than Singapore or Hong Kong. This is very beneficial for the growth of data center hub in Malaysia. Undeniably Malaysia is one of the best locations with low risk for natural disaster. For all these reasons Malaysia is feeling proud to call itself a world class data center hub. Experts say that it will achieve the tagline soon. The nation is almost perfect to judge every steps related to grow a huge data centre operation in near future.

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